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Master Trainers

Kristen Jensen

Kristen has been enjoying the Fitness & Wellness world as a career since 2006. Currently residing in Victoria, BC, Kristen owns and operates Alive Mindbody and Alive Mindbody Certifications. Actively teaching Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Yoga. Kristen prides herself on clever, functional classes that push boundaries, bend rules and feel insanely good on the body. With Kinesiology and Education degrees, various specialty trainings, and a zest for music and motion, Kristen’s classes are truly a smart, holistic combination of actions that will make you feel remarkable. Always involved in making classes better, braver and more accessible for all bodies to enjoy, Kristen will bring the WOW! Currently a Lululemon Ambassador, and beyond the stretchy pant parties, you'll find Kristen laughing, swimming at the beach, having a soulful musical moment or hosting a party.
Kristen has spent many years in Management, Curriculum Development and Talent Acquisition with companies like Lululemon Athletica, Goodlife Fitness and Les Mills International.  Kristen spent 7 years as a Certification ProTrainer with Canfitpro and has taught Internationally. Now Kristen is using her expertise to launch and expand Alive Mindbody Certifications. 
In regards to her role right now, Kristen says, "To help more Instructors deliver exceptional classes and truly love their relationship with their career and clients is an unmeasurably gratifying task. Providing the tools for others to make remarkable impacts on lives and live in fulfilled, exceptional realities is a dream come true. I hope to impart some wisdom and inspire as I teach to help all students navigate the intricacies of Instructing, fitness and wellness."
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