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Barre Foundations Certification

Barre is an extremely accessible workout, designed to be low to no impact, highly functional and really fun! Alive Mindbody Certifications prides itself on delivering Certifications that set Instructors up for success by delivering functional and factual foundational information and then layering in hands on and practical application of the specific Fitness theories.


In this Barre Foundations Certification you will learn:

Proper kinesthetics and form for the foundational Barre movements

  • The science behind the body mechanics and principles that make Barre Fitness so unique and effective

  • The qualities of an effective Instructor, including tips in building confidence and leadership proficiencies

  • Instructional Skills like coaching language, cueing, musicality, demoing, motivating, directional and space planning education particular to Barre

  • A repertoire of foundational Barre movements 

  • Choreography building and class design

  • Safety and modifications Including pre & post natal, joint constraints and older populations



After completing this Barre Foundations Certification you will feel confident and ready to start building your own class plan or program design and start delivering exceptional fitness experiences in a relatively short time frame. Armed with a comprehensive scientific base and practical implementation from the course, and your thorough Barre Foundations manual, you will leave ready to expand your Instructing and add in Barre movements to your current repertoire. 


 **The prerequisite to this course is at least one currently active fitness designation or certification. These can include, but are not limited to, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, Group Fitness Instructors, Kinesiologists, Fitness Theory completion and Dance Instructors. The prerequisite is intended to ensure all students get the most from the course and can follow and participate with ease and enjoyment. A foundational level knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is highly encouraged as this knowledge will be assumed during the course activities and delivery.

Why People Love Barre

Low impact for superior joint maintenance, navigating joint pain & joint rehabilitation

The addictive burn and grit of a bootcamp workout that is more sustainable and less exhaustive

Every movement is done with posture in mind providing an epic core workout

Gluteal engagement and hip mobility (2 major misses for most of the population)

Abs and back conditioning without having to get up and down on a mat

Clients with vertigo, pre & post natal, spinal imobility, shoulder concerns, knee sensitivy and other issues FINALLY get a great, intense workout too

A focus on the core and pelvic floor not just crunches

Tons of balance and stability training that creates excellent cross training for other sports and fitness pursuits

Building a longer more mobile and flexible body without the boring stretches

Investment $600 +taxes


  • 16 hours of class time with a Master Trainer

  • Comprehensive Barre Foundations Manual

  • Theoretical Exam Fee (Online Exam)

  • Practical Exam Fee (Video Assessment Fee)

*We also offer a Payment Plan for this Certification. Click here for more details.

Certification Steps

Select & attend an in person Certification Course weekend. Upon registration a confirmation email containing course details will be sent. Upon completion of the course an email will be sent that includes the online exam login and theoretical exam marking guidelines.


Practice teaching until you feel ready to film yourself and submit a class video for your Practical Exam. Video submissions must be 30mins-45mins in length and showcase all the elements from the foundations manual. An 80% is required to pass. If a re-take is required a $95 re-write fee is required.



Study the manual and complete the Theoretical (online) exam. An 80% is required to pass. If a re-take is required a $75 re-write fee is required.

Receive your completed Barre Foundations Certificate via email!


*We suggest that Students complete their Certification within 1 year as that time frame has a positive success rate, however, you are welcome to take as long as required and register for as many re-examination attempts as necessary to meet the Certification Completion requirements.

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