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Functional, Accessible and Realistic for todays clients and today's fitness world.

We develop extraordinary Instructors through exceptional curriculum and ongoing support and education.

With our Alive Mindbody approach, we have intelligently planned through experience and smarts, the variety of issues Instructors will experience, and we tailor our curriculum accordingly. We take a modern, innovative method to truly capitalize on what it means to deliver a superior class.

By spending years of collaborative effort in the industry and through providing and receiving feedback to new and seasoned Instructors, we have put together a curriculum based on the 'most asked questions' and most sought after knowledge from the Instructor's perspective. We also have a keen ear for what clients are wanting as we parallel our Education to learnings taken directly from successes in our studio, Alive Mindbody. This means real time feedback, response to fitness trends, Instructor hire-ability and realistic expectations- all we've learnt first hand! We will share with you the technical differences and Instructional differentiation between a good Instructor and an extraordinary one.


Kristen Jensen Barre

Foundations Certification


Our Master Trainer was a joy to be with. Authentic in her delivery of the content outlined in the user friendly manual using just the right blend of fun and fierce instruction.

Group Fitness Instructor

We learned about the different main positions relative to the barre, the exercises that you can do from these different positions and how to layer them and cue them effectively to create a well rounded, balanced, fun and accessible class. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to add an additional fitness certification or for those who are already teaching barre to gain a new perspective.

I found the course to be well organized and laid out. 

Our master trainer was well prepared and delivered the material in a way that made it easy to follow. It was a fun weekend that challenged me mentally and physically in a really good way. I would definitely recommend taking this training.

Yoga Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor,
Barre Instructor

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